Success Stories


Since our launch in July 2009, thousands of people have joined us in search of their soul mate. Our members have not only formed long- term relationships but also are meeting new people and establishing great friendships. Many people are looking for their match. Here are some of thier inspiring stories.






Jeff and Tina, New York 

"for years we have been searching for the one, trying through friends, family and just general networking. With each tried effort, the chemistry just wasn't quite there. Then came Date Haven...and the love we had been searching for was found. We had both been a little wary of online dating sites. The ones I've seen before just look at the surface, and no further than that. I had heard about Date Haven through a good friend of mine, so I thought why not? Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to find my soul mate. We knew the love of our lives were out there somewhere and luckily we found each other."


Pat and Helen, Puerto Rico 

"We were both very busy people and both of us had close friends that recommended trying online dating. I've tried one other site but didn’t feel it was helping me meet people I was really compatible with, so I looked to Date Haven, and immediately appreciated the fact that Date Haven wasn’t just about pictures and going on lots of dates – it was more serious than that.

For me Date Haven was the best way of meeting my soul mate. I was able to get to know Pat and feel in love with the person he was from a very early stage.

The moment I met Pat I knew that I would spend the rest of my life with him! Our first date was a lovely Italian dinner in San Juan. I know that Pat is going to be my husband... when I was around him my soul just felt so happy and I felt like I had arrived home! Thank you so much, Date Haven, for bringing us together!!!!"