Online safety tips and advice


Finding a date is now easier than ever before. At Date Haven we offer a safe haven that gives you control over your online dating experience, allowing you to progress at your own pace in order to establish a safe loving relationship.


We always recommend you exercise caution when getting to know your new potential dating partners.






Go for it!

Online dating is as much as you put into it. So don’t just wait for somebody to show a bit of interest. Upload a picture and full profile telling potential matches about yourself. Always be truthful, as we know honestly is the best start to any relationship. However do not reveal personal information on your profile (including, emails, telephone or addresses) as this can compromise your personal safety.




Take your relationship at your own pace

Get to know your potential partner online before you meet up for the first time. Take the relationship at your own pace. Till you are ready to get to know the person, never reveal personal information that will make it possible for someone to determine your location.




Your safety

It is a good idea to establish an email account that you use just for internet services. We do not recommend using work or personal emails for online dating.



Sell yourself

Spark interest to your profile writing a short headline. Be positive and creative. Presenting a challenge to your potential match can sometimes work. Like “I’m looking for someone who can make me laugh!” This could be the first thing that somebody reads before contacting you.




Trust your gut

Apply caution when starting new conversations online. Use your gut instinct when it comes to talking to new people. If someone you've recently or never met asks you for money, they probably don't have the best intentions. If you see a dating profile that's troubling, report this immediately, and we'll look into it straight away.




Remember to keep your family and friends posted of your plans

When you are ready and do meet for the first time, it is better to arrange your meeting in a public place with a lot of people around. You never have to invite a stranger into your home or to pick you up from your home. You must tell your family members or your friend about your first date plans. As well you can ask someone to call you when you are on your first date in order to check whether everything is ok.