About Us




Date Haven launched in June 2010, as an alternative to online dating for serious singles, looking for a long-term relationship.



An inspired team of professionals realized the conventional methods of match making and 'finding the love of your life' was not as easy as it sounds.



Instead of taking the chance that you'll step into an elevator and meet someone, or that your brother's best friend's cousin knows someone who's perfect for you, Date Haven lets our members take their romantic destiny into their own hands.



We are an exclusive match and social networking website. We pride ourselves in providing a quality and safe online solution at an affordable price.



Our member profiles give you great insight into the unique essence of our members so you can really get to know them before you get to meet them. We're a real community – of professional men and women who respect each other and are looking for serious relationships.



You've got an accountant to take care of your financial life. A personal trainer to take care of your cardio life. Undoubtedly a dentist to help look after your teeth. Now, we give you someone to take charge of your romantic life. Our matchmaking technology will learn about you and your needs. We will dive into the world's largest pool of people, and do all the filtering and editing for you. To get you to your ultimate goal of life long happiness.



Although people are the same from all over the world, the way they meet, date, and develop relationships isn't. That's why we offer different approaches and features when finding the one you want. Meet members from different professions, Doctors to Homebodies, Accountants to Solicitors, Construction workers to Project managers, Dentists to Pharmacists and much more. Our members come from diverse backgrounds all with their own unique story but they all have one thing in common, they’re looking for their perfect soulmate.